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Impex IB-22 (PRIME EXTRA HEAVY) 1000 Watts Extra Heavy Weight Dry Iron Box

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Impex is well known for its performance and propitious quality, which ensures longer life span while maintaining unparalleled excellence. The Impex heavy weight dry iron box comes in a combination of cream and gold which provides a rich yet alluring look. The smart dry technology, heavy weight iron box comes with six temperature control settings. The gold-plated base enriches its stylish look and makes it worth a choice.

Elegant Style

Perk up your dresser with this stylish heavy weight dry iron box. Its rich color combination and stylish body makes it a go to appliance. The gold-plated sole plate adds onto the complete look of this iron box. It is a perfect combination of style and functionality.

Heavy Weight for Better Ironing

The heavy weight of the iron box makes ironing better and easier. As the device is heavy it wouldn't be necessary to apply much force while ironing and helps to naturally smoothen the crumpled clothes, thereby saving on time and energy.

Overheat Fuse Protection

The iron box is a safe appliance as it is crafted with an overheat fuse protection, which goes off once the base has reached an appropriate temperature. Hence, you do not need to worry or stress about your clothes getting burnt.

Shock-Proof Plastic Body

The heavy weight dry iron box is made of shock proof plastic body to avoid any risk of danger caused due to voltage fluctuations. It's plastic handle also ensures a firm grip and a stiff hold ensuring easy usage.

Shock-Proof Plastic Body

This iron box features an automatic thermostat for temperature control. It is also equipped with a 360-degree swivel cord which makes it easy to control the heat settings for different materials.

Gold Plated Sole Plate

The gold-plated sole plate gives off a sophisticated look to the device. This sole plate will provide additional durability to your iron, thereby ensuring it lasts longer even after regular usage.



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